In Between Human and Animal: study 1 (installation performance: video projection, sculptures, duration 20minutes)  (Performed at Laban studio Theatre in December 2018)

(soundscape in collaboration with Monika Mia)


I’ve departed from a selection of references that collectively build an observation and a proposition to a question: How are we in between human and animal?

Through spectrums of our history, scientific insights, myths, social exploitations, beliefs and cultures, I have selected Iconographic material and personal footage of observation that I have edited into a moving image work. The performance features a subject; here myself, who embodies the visual material through framed improvisation, the movements are not responding literally to the video, however it allows for moments of connection between the two mediums. The research development of the ‘in between‘ frame allow possibilities for new embodiments, generating movements qualities and other materiality, here the sculptures offer a tangible result. The video loops, the sculptures remain and the performance repeats at unannounced intervals.