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Performance, digital artwork & poems: Laura Rouzet

Sound composition collaboration: William Martin

'The Feeling of Being' is a digital body of work consisting in an assemblage of short performance, micro poems, GIF, and digital compositions. The specificity of the format mirrors how the work has been made, and how my process of creating and performing has shifted during the lockdown, dealing with short attention span and  physical restrictions.
More than ever we feel our spatial boundaries becoming simultaneously more intense and  blurry, we found ourself in a physical confinement, we feel our flesh, we desperately reach our digital sphere, we balance our mental space while we are dismissing our natural environment. 

**** To watch SUMMER 21 IS BURNING, Click on the link below. A new page will open. This is where the digital performance is hosted. Keep the current page open to come back to this site. ****

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