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'Under a digital lake' is an installation-performance that combines digital art, sculptures, electronic soundscape, spoken words and movement study to create a posthuman landscape through a bodily and poetic narrative.

The audience is invited to enter  under a digital lake where a dialogue is hosted by an orchid and a cluster of shells. The immersive installation articulates itself as an intermediation of multiple corporealities, allowing wetware and software to encounter. Here, performative body, sculptural pieces, personified GIF and digital projections inter-relate forming an assemblage of organicity and mix realities. Intertwining personal memories and research on posthuman corporealities the work  questions the notion of loss in our Anthropocene era.

(Installation, sculptures, digital & moving images, text and performance: Laura Rouzet. Soundscape in collaboration with William Martin. With the voice of  Suzannah Hall.)

Performance, sculptural and digital installation shown  at Laurie Grove  Performance Laboratory in London in July 2019.

Sculpture "Bones & Corals" exhibited at Gerald Moore gallery in Feb & March 2020 for the group exhibition 'Environmental Crisis'.

Have you ever experienced

​A shift in your mind 

A blip in your heart beat 

A Fractioned spasm, like a glitch ?

​Have you noticed

the change of the light?

the shimmer of the fish scales?

​We are here,

Lost in mix realities and stuck,

just under a digital lake.

Last time we spoke,

It was few days after you had gone




I asked where you were and how you felt

You said,

“I’m ok but it’s difficult to get used to the

temperature of the water.”


I wondered what have you become?



Can you move?



Actually I can move

But Inside I’m empty.

My body feels like a huge cavity,


Uninhabited, infinite, a void

Even the echoes of my heartbeat are muted

I’m the hollow shell of the deserter hermit


Thin and fragile, like a fine layer of ice

I’m frozen

Lost in between the fluids of my thoughts



I wanted to talk about bodies,

About you

I wanted to talk about bones and corals,

About Virtual landscapes and digital selves


How the other lives when one is gone?

I did not know what to do about yours.


Then, while I was peeling off my fake nails

I thought about how it had become

About Gel becoming hard shell

I then thought about seashells

about consistency and crystal structure

About viscosity and Calcium Carbonate


I thought about imprint and mould

I thought about shapes again

What do we leave behind us?



I’m shivering


Floating under the skin of the abyss

I hear the bodies pulsing



I see the constellations glowing

Tracing your gelatinous density

Your multiple shapes are haunting me



(both voices)


I dream of a symbiotic relationship


Remember the Hawaiian bobsquid

hosting colonies of luminescent bacteria?


Confounding the sky

with the surface of the sea


to survive from predators below


like the moonlight and stars shine 


its organ glow



Until 400 million years ago

All life forms belonged under the sea

That is where your mind evolved


One single cell to begin with

Sensing, responding, signalling


Then multiplying,

Gelatinous animals evolved as nerves

Contortions, contractions, and twitches

became pulses.

The development of your nervous system.

Your first movements

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