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'Under a digital lake' is an installation performance that combines digital art, sculptures, electronic soundscape, spoken words and movement study, through a bodily and poetic narrative. Intertwining personal memories and research on posthuman corporealities, the work  questions the notion of loss in our Anthropocene era.

​The audience is invited to enter under a digital lake where a dialogue is hosted by an orchid and a cluster of shells. The immersive installation articulates itself as a symbiotic interaction of multiple corporealities, allowing wetware and software to encounter. Here, performative body, sculptural pieces, personified GIF and digital projections inter-relate forming an assemblage of organicity and mixed realities. 

Installation, sculptures, digital artwork, poems, choreographic material & performance: Laura Rouzet

Soundscape collaboration: William Martin

Actors voices: Suzannah Hall & William Martin

Performance, sculptural and digital installation shown  at Laurie Grove  Performance Laboratory in London in July 2019

Sculptures exhibited at Gerald Moore Gallery in Feb & March 2020 for the group exhibition 'Environmental Crisis'

Laura Rouzet
Bones & Corals
Laura Rouzet
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