French visual artist and dancer based in London and Paris, my work evolves across a multidisciplinary practice, combining digital art, movement study, text, sculptures and upcycled fashion.  Influenced by readings on posthuman ontology and mythological narratives, I craft bodily and visual language to question our human status in relation to otherness and norms.


With a background in Fashion Design (BA, HEAD, Geneva) and Master's degree in Dance and Creative Practice, (Laban, Faculty of Dance, London, UK) the articulation of my work lies in the exploration of possibilities that a transdisciplinary practice offers. With the intention to disrupt normative models, I use choreographic research to instigate new perspectives on our subjectivity.

I perceive dance as a malleable medium that allows the body to transpose and project. Similarly, through the acts of manipulation and assemblage, I work with digital, sculptural or textile material to consider how other agencies can be explored. The idea is to suggest other perspectives on what we are, to be able to connect with what is around us. The work takes fluid formats from performance to digital work or sculptural installation.


My work has been shown in different venues and exhibition spaces such as Gerald Moore Gallery (London), The Place (London), Deptford X (London), BF Film Festival (London) or the festival NodoCCS (Venezeuela). I have recently been commissioned by the Arts Council England funded online art platform Skelf, to create a new work across movement and digital art, that will be exhibited online from the 24th of June 2021.