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‘What happens when’ is a video collage of  open source archive material dating from the 1930’s to 70’s including the reproduction of plants, sea life, volcanoes… as well as recordings from the New York World Fair featuring Dali’s mermaid and Olga the headless woman. . The film begins with footage from NASA, in which a question is proposed ‘what would happen when two drops collide’. The statement is used as a structural tool and a thread for the rest of the film. Collectively the footage develops a stream of thought exploring society’s obsessions and concerns into bizarre and phenomenal events, apocalyptical fears and the eternal question of life and death. 

'What happens when?' is a short film (4min 07s) on  single screen format. It has been featured at BF Film festival VII in London and at NODOccs in Venezuela in 2018.
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