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**** To watch SUMMER 21 IS BURNING, Click on the link below. A new page will open. This is where the digital performance is hosted. Keep the current page open to come back to this site. ****

Laura Rouzet

Summer 21 is burning is an experimental piece at the intersection of digital art and performance. The work was commissioned by the virtual project space Skelf to be part of their exhibition Movement Series (June-September 2021) funded by the Art Council of England.

Made during a month in lockdown in Paris, the work translates how it has been conceived. Every day, bits of streamed narratives, strips of dreams and introspective thoughts congregate together indistinctively. The voices of scientists, psychoanalysts, cyborgs and other sci-fi characters amalgamate in a polysemous reflection on our becoming. 'While I’m experiencing the effects of isolation, I begin to question my own corporality.’

Featuring embodied and hybrid assemblages, the digital piece becomes its own ecosystem, a mixed reality in between the hypothetic and the real, the physical and the virtual, the organic and the synthetic. At the time of the pandemic, environmental crisis, spatial tourism, and virtual expansion, our reality seems to have melted with fiction, touching upon the absurd and the sacred.

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