Ondule is a performance that combines choreography with digital video painting and sculptural pieces. It is a flexible performance that  has been shown in different format, on stage and in exhibition space.

'Ondule' comes from the French meaning: 'undulate, swirl, swing, sway'.  

Spines wave,  bodies pulsate and progress in a liminal state, evolving in a symbiotic relationship. Here, sparkling sculptures and nude costumes, see this hybrid figure separate in a hunt for distinct individualities. Exploring  movements in a non binary logic, we are confronting the raw nature of the body and its  animalistic essence.  Informed by Contemporary, Popping and Voguing our dance is a point of intersection where otherness emerges.'

Performance & choreography, costumes, sculptures, digital video painting : Laura Rouzet

Collaboration: co-choreographed & performed with  AlejandroMartinez. 

Sound composition with Monica Mia.

Presented at The Place  for the festival Resolution 19 in London

Presented at Performance Lab in Laurie Grove in  2019, London