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Display 2017 (clay, wood, plaster, pigment, sponge)

'Screen and Sponges ' is scupltural installation presented in 2017 at Euroart studio exhibition in London

Screen and Sponges is a sculptural work consisting of clay, plaster, pigments, sponges wood and lurex. The individual elements sit between being both domestic and bodily. Things and objects compose an absurd landscape in between cracked i-pad and intimacy. The act of  assemblage  and display  questions the value of bodily attributes and satires the human  hierarchal behaviour towards gender.

Portique 2017 (clay,  lurex, wood, silicone, plaster, pigment, latex, sponge, foam)

Portique 2017 (clay,  lurex, wood, silicone, plaster, pigment, latex, sponge, foam)

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